Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler - Paleontology

I am currently the Executive Director of the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm in St. George, Utah. Previously, I was the Director of Paleontology at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta, Montana. I recently completed my Ph.D. at the Museum of the Rockies and Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University, studying the evolution of hadrosaurs in the Late Cretaceous Judith River Formation of Montana. I am also involved in several collaborative research projects, generally providing the analytical methods; I am a big proponent of R. In addition to my research, I have been involved in the ongoing effort to organize and improve access to MOR’s paleontology collections, and the GPDM collections. While at MOR, I organized the summer field crews for the largest paleo field program in the country, coordinating volunteers to assist with digs in the Morrison, Hell Creek, Judith River, and Two Medicine Formations of Montana.

Research interests

  1. -Hadrosaur ontogeny & anagenesis

  2. -Vertebrate microsite paleoecology

  3. -Theropod claw functional morphology

  4. -Statistical analysis


Liz Freedman Fowler